how to: incorporate summery sale items into your fall/winter wardrobe

It’s the first day of the month, payday, and there’s still a bit left of those great sales on my favorite webshops. For a long time, I’ve been restricting myself from shopping quite a lot, so now, that pay has entered my account, I’m so excited to get to shop again(just a little).

There’s one hatch, though, with those sales – it’s mostly the summer items that are reduced on prices! So I decided to figure out how to justify myself shopping from one of the many sales, by putting together a couple of ideas on how to use those summer dresses and cut out shoes in the colder times.. let’s have a look!


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Those cute summer dresses can actually work in your winter wardrobe. You know, the turtle neck sweeter has become awfully trendy, especially as a layer under something else, which gives us the opportunity to recreate those outfits that our mums put us in back in the nineties – a nice, simple turtle neck sweater under a sleeveless dress! I know I’m excited about it and I’m so going to try it out – if the turtle neck isn’t your thing, go for a nice shirt in stead and channel some 70s vibes!

The other hurdle that’s in front of us with this summer dress, is to keep out legs from freezing. My suggestion is to try an alternative to the woolen tights that I’ve always used before, and go for over the knee boots! Yep, I’m pretty hooked on the thigh highs and I think they would work awesomely well with a summer dress this winter!


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Some of the first things, I knew I craved when looking through sales, were some of those things you would think at first, would work for a fall/winter wardrobe. The cut out shoes. I’ve really started to like them and two of the pair of shoes I’ve added to my collection most recently are in fact cut out shoes! The thing is, this isn’t really the season for them to shine the most.

Though, if the weather is dry, they are a possibility to use in the fall and some of the winter with a good pair of socks. And that doesn’t just keep your feet warm – it also adds a cool detail to your look, wether you go for thigh highs, bobby socks or nice, warm tights. Yup, they don’t have to only have their time of glory during high summer!



Which summer items can’t you go without and how will you style them this fall?