5 things to do on a rainy day

Great. Just that day when I thought “I’m going to give you guys some inspiration as to what you can do on these rainy summer days!”, it’s not raining. Perfect. But I don’t want it to keep me from hitting the publish button, so here it is!

It might rain over the weekend, so book mark this post and save it for a rainy day.


1. Sort out and arrange your wardrobe


When using your clothes every day, the wardrobe can quickly get quite messy. So when the weather isn’t really asking you to come outside, why not spans your day inside, cleaning up your wardrobe and rearranging it? Read my post on just that right HERE! 

Psssstt.. If you have clothes that you’re not using, but can’t get it together to get rid of – “I will use it some day, just not right now!” – then hang all of your hangers the other way than what you’re used to. When you’ve used an item, hang it back normally. After a couple of months, check up on your wardrobe to see how much of it you’ve used, and then you’ll have no excuse not to clean out your closet.

Go give it to charity or sell it on Trendsales.


2. Paint(or spit) new designs on your nails

splatter negle-1 og negle2

What’s a better way to spend indoor time than giving your nails a new design? Get inspired in my Nail Art category here on the blog.


3. Find new or old inspiration for your walls


Sit down with all of your old fashion magazines and find your favorite photos that inspire you. Don’t rip ’em out or cut in your magazine – hang them from a clip hanger on a nail in your wall, to keep them intact.


4. Embroider, glue and sew


I just found the nicest DIY tutorials on the blog, A Beautiful Mess. I am so up for doing sequin slogan sweaters and embroidering cute sentences onto my clothes.. And get a bit more done on my sequin snake that I started almost a year ago.


5. Shop or plan your next buy

Skærmbillede 2014-08-26 kl. 11.29.22

What makes you feel better on a rainy day – or, well, any day – than shopping? Go through your fave webshops (mine are in the side bar) and shop your faves. If you can’t afford to shop right now, book mark your favorites, so you can find them straight away when you get your next paycheck. I put all of my favorites in this little shop.