paris outfit: frorals and wool

photo source: Jason Jean at CitizenCouture

Right after having blogged about being inspired to wear feminine skirts and dresses with warm coats recently, I found this photo of one of my Paris outfits that was put together with just that idea in mind. The main idea of the outfit was mostly about the trendy, artsy primary colors of the dress, but after having bought this amazing, textured white woolen coat in Le Marais on my first day in Paris, I couldn’t help but wear it with my cute summer dress. With the outfit I put a pair of red lips to match the red in the print of the dress and then I put a tiny belt on top of both the dress and the coat to create shape and a nice little detail. It’s actually quite a simple outfit, but I really liked wearing it, because it felt so summery meanwhile I kept warm – a great idea for styling summery and warm for spring! How do you like the outfit?