Blazer girl

outfit-september-fall-16-nemesis-babe-marie-my-jensen-danish-blogger-pink-jacket-9-collage-5 outfit-september-fall-16-nemesis-babe-marie-my-jensen-danish-blogger-pink-jacket-9-collage-2 outfit-september-fall-16-nemesis-babe-marie-my-jensen-danish-blogger-pink-jacket-9-collage-8 outfit-september-fall-16-nemesis-babe-marie-my-jensen-danish-blogger-pink-jacket-9-collage-7 outfit-september-fall-16-nemesis-babe-marie-my-jensen-danish-blogger-pink-jacket-9-collage-1 outfit-september-fall-16-nemesis-babe-marie-my-jensen-danish-blogger-pink-jacket-9-collage-6 LIPS: L’OREAL, JACKET & SKIRT: SECOND HAND, TOP: MINUS, SHOES: MARNI, WATCH: CLUSE

Recently I chatted with one of my friends from the video project about being a business woman at the age of 24 and going to meetings to negotiate grown up stuff. And then he asked me if I wore blazers when I went to do business at these kinds of meetings. Heck no! It’s a bit funny, because the thought of wearing business like clothes for meetings has never popped into my mind. Who’d be able to take me seriously in a fitted, navy blue blazer? Pfff! 

But sometimes I actually do wear blazers, just now the business kind ones. I recently got this new second hand woolen blazer and I think it’s my most low key one out of the few that I own. The pink color does give it a kick, though, don’t you think?

What do you think of my look? and of blazers? 


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