DIY: sequin phrase sweater

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As I’ve told you guys before, I spotted a DIY for a sequin phrase sweater at A Beautiful Mess. And I just couldn’t not do it, I mean, it’s sequins! So I decided to try out the DIY, which I did yesterday.

My slogan sequin sweater ended up with a which was quite obvious to do. NEMESIS, BABE, of course! I mixed capital letters with handwriting and added some sporty stripes on the sleeves.

Here’s a small guide to how you can make a sequin phrase sweater, too!


nemesis babe sequin sweater-3

You will need: 

Sequin trim

Textile glue that dries clear

A sweater

A pencil or chalk


nemesis babe sequin sweater-2

How you do it: 

First, it’s a good thing to practice writing the phrase you want on your sweater, on a piece of paper. When you’ve figured out which type of writing you want on your sweater and you’ve practiced writing it, take your pencil or a piece of chalk and write the phrase on your sweater.

It’s smart to use a pencil or chalk in stead of a marker, since if you draw something wrong, the marker would me more visible.


nemesis babe sequin sweater-4


Take your textile glue and “draw” with it on top of your text on the sweater and then put the sequin trip onto the glue lines. I did two lines of sequins for each letter to make them a bit bolder. It’s a good idea to lay out your sequin trim on your table flat, so that it won’t tangle when you’re about to put it on your sweater.

Let the glue dry.


nemesis babe sequin sweaterss-2


Tadaaaaa, you’re sweater’s done!

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