Every day-Marie

 photo instaoutfits_zps42df19fb.pngDespite the fact that I have huge amounts of time off/to do blog work at the moment, I unfortunately don’t get to shoot as many good outfit photos for the blog as I would like, since pretty much everyone who helps me shoot them have other stuff to do as well. I do though, quite often post a little shot of my everyday outfits on my Instagram(@nemesisbabe). I had a period of time recently, where I didn’t bother to dress up for going to work or hanging out, and wore nothing but my sloppy “at home”-clothes and no make-up – but now I’ve pulled myself together! So even though I don’t have a lot of plans for the day or might even just be spending it at home, I get up and put on an outfit every morning that is worth showing off – even though it might not be shown to anyone. It’s so nice to remember to dress up every day, and I get a lot more out of my giant wardrobe than before! These photos are from days when I’ve been working, going out and even one from this morning after I went to get my hair cut. So, well, that’s what I look like in my every day life, when I don’t get to shoot better photos of my outfits – which look is your fave?