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studie nemesis babe

Since moving to Copenhagen exactly one year ago lots of you have asked for me to do a blogpost on my life here, how it’s been to move here, starting studying art history and living in CPH. The thing is, though, I haven’t really had any of that under control yet and my life has ben super unstable and confusing. I’ve been living in four different places since moving here and this summer I just barely passed my art history exam. It was a terrible experience which confirmed my idea of art history not really being my thing anyway. Bye bye!

So what now? Luckily, one day before deadline in april I made it to jump on the train to Malmö with an envelope with 10 photos that were my admission test for the dream education.
Yesterday I got the e-mail and from today on, I’m accepted to the bachelor in Visual Communication at Malmö Högskola. Here I’ll be learning about the stuff I’m already doing on the blog and loads more to improve my creative practise. Visual rhetorics, drawing, photographic communication and video. I can’t wait! Finally I have somewhat an idea of the future will bring.


Cheers to creativity and relevant studies!
Are you starting anything exciting after summer?



The photo is the first part of my admissions test.