London Fashion Week glimpses

Now, that I’m sitting in Milan in the middle of my second fashion week this season, I’ve been looking a bit back to London and I wanted to share with you some of the things I did in London – let’s have a look!


I started my week wearing denim on denim – i love the dungaree dress and denim jacket combo!


dag 3-1 I shot loads of street style photos(as usual) – keep an eye on the blog tomorrow to see some of my work!


dag 3-14 dag 3-9 I took an afternoon off and went to Brixton’s nice indoor markets for nice food, coffee and writing postcards.


dag 3-6 dag 3-8  I felt lucky about being invited personally to the Topshop Unique show and even being seated as well!


LONDON dag 4-1 I met with my wonderful friend and blogger colleague, Isabella(as some of you might remember, accompanied me on this fashion week trip last September), who works at ASOS and is so incredibly busy that she’s almost got no time to hang out – so getting to see her before leaving London was fantastic!

Check out Isabella’s blog HERE!


image-4 (photo via Le Frenchie Style) An other Danish blogger gal that I spent a lot of time with was sweet Laura, who was in town with he photographer boyfriend. It was so nice to have a blogger colleague to have fun with between shoes!
Check out Laura’s blog HERE!