Marie on TV!

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I’ve been keeping something a secret from you guys. I’ve actually kept it a secret for so long that I’d forgotten everything about it until the press lady from the Danish TV-channel Kanal4 under SBS Discovery called me earlier this summer. I’s been picked to be one of the front-people of a press campaign for a tv-show and we had to plan the day of the press shoot.

If we turn time back 9 months from now, I’m in my old room at Islands Brygge, when the casting-lady from a production company calls me. She tells me about this TV-show about beauty and women’s different takes on beauty. And then she asks if I’d want to be one of those women. After a lot of talking on the phone and a small casting video, I say yes and decide to get over my fear of being in front of video cameras. Speaking on cameras, eesh!


If we then turn time forward to 2,5 weeks from now, my face will be on the screen for the first time in a TV-show called Obsessed with Beauty. The title isn’t all hat I wished for when it came to my first TV-show appearance, but it does make sense with the rest of the show, so I’ll go with it. You’ll be following me in my life as a fashion blogger: visiting a PR-agency, shopping outfit photos and at fashion week. When it comes to the beauty-talk, I’ll be speaking most about how I think we as people and I myself express our personalities and moods through clothing. 

I have no idea how they’ve framed me in the TV-show or how I’ll be portrayed. All I know is that the people I who produced it are super nice, so I assume they’ll show me in a true and nice way. But I must admit that I’m a bit scared about being on TV like that. My nerves are really jittering over how I’ll appear on TV. I imagine myself extremely awkward, since I’m not used to it at all. Well, we’ll see!


The episodes I’ll be in will be shows on Kanal4 at 9pm on 7/9, 14/9 og 12/10.