Marie’s traveling fun facts

CPH lufthavn-1 Since I’m quite the traveller and finally went on my first real summer holiday this summer, I realized how many things have become regulars for me when traveling – and I realized stuff about travling with others and actually going on holiday for once. So – in the spirit of the summer vacation – here’s a bunch of traveling fun facts!


I try to ALWAYS get the F-seat on planes – the right hand window seat. I love looking out the window and having a wall to lean against. I don’t know what’s wrong with the left hand window seat.. It’s just not as good!

I have a loyalty card for at least 4 airlines, if not more. My bonuspoint with SAS(with which I usually fly) are so many that I might just take a petite fun trip somewhere soon.

I always travel with at least two books. Usually they’re so short that I finish one on the first plane ride. I usually read Harry Potter or something by Erlend Loe.

I usually get super nervous before going to the airport, even though airports and planes are some of my favorite places to be. The trip to the airport is just so nerve-wracking, because I always convince myself that I forgot everything or that I’m late.

To calm myself on the bus trip to the airport, I always listen to THIS.

I’ve arrived at check in too late once. And I was only 2 minutes too late. I was flying London-Milan and the airline company wouldn’t let me in, so I spent 140 pounds on rebooking a plane and spending the night in a hotel. Since then, I’ve always been at least 30 minutes early.



CPH lufthavn-11

– I’m so used to traveling alone, that I get confused and sometimes annoyed traveling with others. Usually when I travel alone, I’m super quick and efficient in the airport, so waiting for others gets me all weird. So on the trip to Barcelona recently, I flew on my own and met my vacay friends by the airport exit.


When I was in Paris this July, I wen’t outside after it got dark for the first time. After having heard of some friends, who were chased down a Paris street by a sex maniac at midnight, I’ve always gone home before darkness fell. But now I’ve found out that there wasn’t really anything to be afraid of.

The place I’ve visited the most in my life is Paris – 15 times in total!

My first trip to a foreign country was a camping trip to Turkey with my family when I was four years old.

My only time going outside Europe was a trip to Egypt when I was eight.

Aside from the Barcelona trip, my last beach vacay was in 2006 with my family on Crete.

– For the first time since 2006, I’ll be traveling with my family again this summer – Tuscany in mid August! I can’t wait!


Do you also have habits at the airport? Or places you always travel to? Tell me in the comments!