Moschino resort 15: Pop art and punk, Miley Curys and Mr. Scott, Logomania and lots of fun

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It had to happen. Jeremy Scott’s resort collection for Moschino. The sequel to the famous McDonalds/leather and logo collection.. And I love it! Since Scott took charge at Moschino, I’ve been really looking forward to every collection he has made, and after having seen this resort 15-collection I’ve been super excited to see what he’ll come up with for the next collection. For once, there’s a designer, who doesn’t take fashion too seriously and who just seems like someone who’s just in it for the fun of it.

I tried to pick out my fave looks from the 57 look collection.. Phew, what a hard process that was! Here’s a few of my favorite themes from the silly collection:

I just love how Scott mixed the classic bouclé with something as childish as a short dungaree suit, just to move over to a complete Miley Cyrusy look(I bet she’ll be wearing one one these mesh looks before the year has passed) with meshy looks and logo elastic bands at the hems.. Which i completely adore. Give me the pink, lilac and black look and I’m happy forever!
Something that got me hooked is the shirt dress with sleeves around it’s waist(how do I make one myself?!) and the mesh skirt under the t-shirt dress with the kind of cheesy/kind of funny print. The bandana looks excite me in some way, too, but I don’t really know why.. I love it and despise it at the same time.. But that bandana coat is kind of nice, isn’t it?
Last but not least, mr. Scott has stolen my heart completely with those soda pop prints. I’m in love. The logo mania that’s so hip, combined with the pop art, put onto a tank dress is my version on paradise.. Just saying.
What a quick walkthrough of something that’s quite close to the most genius resort collection this season. If you want to see see the rest of the collection and swoon over it a bit more click right HERE!


Which looksa are your faves?