My Torshavn city guide

nemesis babe torshavn city guide

I finally got some time to go through my photos and material from the Faroe Islands – and from our day in Torshavn! Do here’s a small Torshavn city guide, if you’d wanna know where to go, when you’re there.


Brell Cafe, 9 Vaglið 
The best coffee I’ve had this year!

Katrina Christiansen, 6 Bringsnagøta 
The dreamiest waffles and hot chocolate.

Panamé cafe, 4 Vaglið 
Super cozy cafe with boardgames and a small shop in the back.

Etika, Áarvegur 3
Amazing sushi with locally bought fish, yum!


Østrøm, Skálatrøð 18
A shop full of nice, local brands in fashion interior and all sorts of stuff!

Steinprent, Skálatrøð 16
A shop full of cool lithographic prints made in the workshop upstairs.

Guðrun&Guðrun, Niels Finsensgøta 13
The famous Faroese knitting brand, who make the coolest locally produced knitwear.

Føroya Heimavirksfelag,  Niels Finsensgøta 7
A small shop with locally produced handcrafted knits.


Listasavn Museum, 9 Gundadalsvegur
The local museum of modern art. Get there by walking through the gorgeous park between downtown and the museum.


Blábar, Niels Finsensgøta 23
A nice and cozy jazz bar.

Sirkus, 2 Gríms Kambansgøta
The place to go out – they also serve food and have concerts!


Don’t hesitate to add something in the comments, if you know some nice places in Torshavn!