new in: 2nd hand holiday shopping

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I’ve almost completely stopped showing you my new stuff, when I shop once in a while.. So today I’ll show you a handfull of holiday second hand shopping from Paris and Barcelona.

On my few days in Paris I bought three dresses and two skirts, of which you see one of each here. I found the nicest, red knitted midi dress and a great leather and suede skirts, which I can’t wait to wear! My other Paris buys are on my insta HEREHERE og HERE – I didn’t make it to wash them after my trip to Spain, before shooting for this post.

My only buy – besides food and mojitos – in Barcelona last week, was a great one. InEl Raval I found the nices brown leather bag with a chain strap and a little front pocket, that was perfect for holding my pass port, boarding pass and phone in the airport on Friday.

Ah, I just love updating my wardrobe with new second hand finds – what’s you latest buy?