new in: ready for le tour de france

cykel og prinsesse (3 of 10) cykel og prinsesse (1 of 10) cykel og prinsesse (2 of 10) cykel og prinsesse (4 of 10)Recently I promised myself that the next time I went to Paris and went thrift shopping, I should buy myself some bike racing clothes in the KILOSHOPs(you’ll get a quick guide through my regular shopping places in Paris later this week).

Last week, I went to Paris, so I finally did what I’d waited to do for a long time – and did I like it? Oh, yes! I love my new bike racing shirts, which I’ll use with pleated skirts and denim shorts. The bright bike racing shorts will be used with comfy sweaters and crop tops.. I am so excited to start wearing these!

To make the message a bit clearer that just showing off the nice bike racing clothes on hangers, I went into my back yard last week and shot some “I’m a serious cyclist with speed stripes”-photos, which I really like!

Next week, you’ll see some more of what I bought in Paris and you really should stay tuned to see them! To tease a bit, I can tell you that I’m so ready to go to big, fancy parties now.

How do you like my new bike racing stuff?