new stuff on NEMESIS, BABE


Just like I’ve done series of posts before – like “3 Ways to Wear”, which will return later on this year; and the series of birthday giveaways on the blog – you can soon expect a new series on the blog, which I’m looking forward to a lot!

I’ve been seeing a lot of interviews on blogs and in magazines with people who work in fashion and have wonderful style. Inspiring, oh yes, but isn’t it almost a given that they have great or special style, when they work with clothes on an every day basis?
What about the people, who don’t work in fashion? I often see super inspiring people with awesome style, who don’t have fashion as a part of their jobs – what about what they have to say? Where do they find their style and what does clothes mean to them, when it’s just a question of their appearance and not their jobs?

Yep, I am going for it and getting a hold of those people, who inspire or surprise me style wise and don’t have any direct connection to the fashion business.. It will be fun! I already did my first interview yesterday and if you are on the blog’s Facebook or instagram you might know who it is..

Oh, and by he way, if you guys have any suggestions for interesting people to interview, don’t hesitate to tell me – I would always love more people to talk to about fashion!


Stay tuned, you guys!