New talents on the runway – VIA design graduation show

Friday, I had gone to Aarhus to party all weekend, but also to attend the VIA Design – previously known as TEKO – show for graduating students in Fashion Design. I have already worked a bit with the brand, Agurk, who are graduating at VIA as well. I didn’t have the possibility to go to the VIA design show at fashion week, so this show at Aarhus City Hall was perfekt for me and I went there early to shoot backstage, chat to the Agurk-girls, and, naturally to see the new talents in fashion design.. And was I impressed!

There really is something to new designers and fashion schools’ shows that is a bit more interesting and wonderful that shows from established designers. They show you everything they’ve got, creatively, sends all their crazy ideas down the runway before they have to go into the topic about salability, wearability and business, where it, sadly, is more profitable to design a white shirt or a pair of tailored trousers. When the creativity gets to blossom and collections designed without having to think too much about actually being able to wear and – more important – sell the clothes, the art in fashion really shines through.

I photographed my favorite looks in the light City Hall space this Friday and I put them up according to which designer made the garments on the photos.. Let’s have a look:


teko show-2 teko show-5  teko show-11teko show-9 (background look designed by Mette Assarsson)teko show-17

teko show-13 teko show-7

teko show-3 teko show-4 teko show-6 teko show-8 teko show-16 teko show-19 teko show-20

teko show-10  teko show-15 (looks int he foreground designed by Rasmus Seidlitz Andersen)teko show-21 teko show-22 teko show-23 teko show-24

teko show-27 teko show-26

teko show-28 teko show-29 teko show-30

AGURK(by Vibbe Nygaard and Camilla Kuus)
teko show-31 teko show-32 teko show-33 teko show-34


Which designers or looks do you like the most? I have completely fallen head over heels for the pink suede and fur parka by Agne Malisauskatie, the impressive, simple designs by Mette Assassin and then I of course can’t hide my excitement about Agurk’s fine universe!