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As part of the new NEMESIS, BABE, I’ve come up with a new feature that’ll be posted on the blog a couple of times a month. It has occurred to me that the quite gaudy characteristics there are to my style might scare less gaudy people to not dare to try out the same stuff that I wear. So a couple of sundays a month, I’ll be posting a little guide to how to style things like yellow, glitter and crop tops in a not too loud way than when I style my self.

The feature will be named “3 Ways To Wear” and you, who follow my instagram, might’ve noticed this Saturday, I spent all day shooting outfits for the new feature and used the hash tag #nemesisbabewtw, which is short for “Nemesis, Babe Ways To Wear”, with my insta-updates all day. I made the hash tag because I wanted to include you guys into my little project to spread the gaudiness – when the feature goes live, I’d love to challenge you guys to style the different NEMESIS, BABE characteristics in your own ways and share them on instagram with #nemesisbabewtw.. And if you put up an awesome outfit, I might repost it on my instagram, even. I can’t wait to show you my new feature which will be going on for the next couple of months!

Are you ready to take up the NEMESIS, BABE styling challenge?