how to: norm core nail polish

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Often, when I’ve played nail salon in my living room, I’ve done sharp lines, drawings with tooth picks, little motifs and crazy colors.. But today, we’re going the complete opposite way! Now, everyone can join in whether they have a steady hand or not. This time, I’ve fallen in love with a not so sharp, nor sophisticated nail polish design, which I tried doing the first time, when Luka and I did our shoot together in August. The nail polish should go with a girl, who cared about how she dressed, but didn’t care for looking all made up all of the time.

That ended up becoming something, I’d call a norm core nail polish a la “I care about my look, but I don’t want to look like I do.” – a worn off nail polish look. I myself love the idea and I’m wearing a white, worn off nail polish right as we speak.


Are you into the careless nail polish look, too? Here’s a guide on how to get the look:

You’ll need: nail polish in your preferred color and nail polish remover pads or cotton wool and nail polish remover

How you do it: 

1. Put on a thin coat of nail polish on all nails and let them dry

2. Grab a nail polish remover pad or a piece of cotton wool and soak it in nail polish remover.

3. Do as you would, when removing nail polish, but let the strokes and dabs be super light and wipe it off until you’ve removed the amount of nail polish you want.



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