PARTY WEEK: untraditional party make-up

For parties, the black eyeliner and red lip look is a classic – but now that we’re in the midst of party season, why stick to the safe? Here’s three ideas on how you can make your make-up look this season a bit different from everyone else’s:



DARK PARTY LOOK nemesis babe marie jensen blogger beauty party season
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A new take on the simple, ladylike lipstick look mixed with the no make-up-make up trend. I use powder, bronzer and a concealer palette to correct imperfections and contour the face, so the skin looks nice and my cheekbones stand out. On my eyer, I go for a nude, glistening creme eyeshadow and a bit of highlighter in the corner of the eye and skip mascara completely. On my lips, I use a beetroot colored lipliner to shape my lips and then a deep reddish purple lipstick on top. Here, I used Rebel and Film Noir from MAC.

On my nails, I do a thin coat of white polish and let it dry completely. Then I put a piece of tape over the top of my nails and give them all a coat of deep red, whereafter I pull of the tape and let it dry.



GRAPHIC PARTY LOOK nemesis babe marie jensen blogger beauty party season
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A look, I’ve used before, going out, and which I love! As before, I even out my skin tone with concealer and a matte powder. Then I apply lip balm to my lips and take my darkest concealer and rub it on my lips. Underneath my eyes, I draw a long, thick line of white eyeliner and under that, I take my black, liquid eyeliner and draw an other line.

On ym nails, I’ve done a white base coat, which I let dry completely. Then I put square pieces of tape on my nails in a checkerboard pattern, put a coat of black polish on all of my nails and them remove the tape.



GLITTER PARTY LOOK nemesis babe marie jensen blogger beauty party season
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A look which is a classic amongst my friends, when we party. Glitz, shine and sequins always gets you going! For this look, I’ve used a glittery eyeliner on my lids, put skin glue or eyelash glue along my cheekbones and drizzled glitter all over it. Usually my friends and I also glue sequins on our faces in fun patterns. On my lips I put a tinted lip balm and drizzled a bit of glitter onto them, too.

My nails are covered in loads of layers of glitter nail polish. If you haven’t got any glitter nail polish, you can do a clear coat of polish and the dip your fingers into a pot of glitter.


 Which party look will you be trying out this party season?