PFW SS16: fave tendencies from the runway

PFW trend report s m
When researching trends from the Paris FW, I saw a lot of S&M- and bondage-connotations, and therefore it seemed right to do a collage with that. Then after many hours of research and collage making, I realized that this post is called “fave tendencies” and not just “tendencies”, and here I must admit that I made a small mistake. I think that the S&M tendecy is fun, but I doubt that I’ll be wearing anything bondagy when spring arrives – so we’ll start this post with a little oops, haha! I do think, though, that the collage turned out pretty cool!


PFW trend report plaid
A super popular tendency throughout all the previous fashion weeks also hit Paris hard – tartan is way popular for spring everywhere and mixing them with an other huge spring trend, stripes, will make you amazingly hip and give you a cool print clashing look. I’m a fan!



PFW trend report lace


In general, transparency is all over SS16-collections and one of the materials that is popular in this big transparency theme is lace, which is both used as details and for entire styles. With a nice top and shorts, or a good slip dress under, a full lace dress or lace button-up shirt with hit major for summer!


Which tendency is your fave?