HOW TO: the plait crown

In my latest post, I had my hair up in a ‘do that I often go to, when I don’t want to wear it down, but don’t want to spend tons of time on my hair either. I call it the plait crown and it takes just about 5 minutes to do – it works best for long hair. Here’s a how to on the ‘do!

You need: 2 tiny hairbands and a handful of bobby pins.

42719571: Party your hair in the middle.

2: Do a simple plait in each side, starting right below the ear.



3: Fold one plait over your head and fasten it with bobby pins. I usually put a pin at the end of the plait and then put a couple more along the plait.

4: Fold the other plait over your head, covering the end of the first one with this plait. Hide the end of this plait behind the first one and fast with bobby pins.


fletkrone plait crown-5

Easy peasy, a plait crown in five minutes!