scissors, glue and stripes from Amust



STRIPED BACKPACK, style no. A94 by Amust

One of the tasks for this year’s fashion blog awards is sponsored by Amust, a brand that was founded in 2009 and ever since, they’ve been making great shoes, bags and jewelry. They have such cute pieces, that are both classic and trendy – and I got to pick one out for this post. I loved the striped backpack from their summer collection.

The bag inspired me to go for all stripes in an outfit, but since I couldn’t choose which striped items to style with the bag, I decided to to do a mood board inspired by the bag instead. I love the photos I did for this collage, so it’s probably not the last time you’ll see stuff like this – or the last time you’ll see the backpack either! I mean, when can’t you use such a great graphic element for your outfit?


How do you like my stripy crazy mood board?