splat splat splat

splatter negle-1splatter negle-2It’s no secret that I’ve been hugely inspired by the wonderful Ivania from Love Aesthetics, even after having met her in person several times and seeing that she’s just a normal person(still awesome though) I see her as kind of super human, when it comes to her amazing ideas. An idea she once got and that I’ve copied several times is the splatter nail polish. Usually you’d remove the splatters on your fingers after having finished the nail design, but I thought It looked so cool with all splattered fingers, so I let it stay.

Here’s a little guide on how to make the splattered nails:

You’ll need 2 nail polishes in your preferred colors, a clear nail polish, a straw and something to splatter all over(like a news paper or a plastic bag)

1/ do a base coat in the color you’d like.

2/ dip the draw in the color you want your splatters to be.

3/ hold the straw over your nails and blow it, so that the nail polish inside it gets splattered all over your nails – keep going until all of your nails are splattered.

4/remove the nail posh on your skin with a q-tip dipped in nail polish remover, if you don’t want the splatters on yout fingers.

5/ finish off with a clear top coat.

How do you like my little splatter project?