summer glimpses

Now that the summer – or at least the vacation time – is about to end for me and the fashion week season starts again, I decided to show you a bit of what I’ve been spending my summer days off doing..


iparis1Okay, you can’t really call it days off, but I started my summer vacay in Paris at Haute Couture week where my tiny room at the Seine had a wonderful view and I wore all orange at Trocadéro.


iparis When going home I packed tones of new buys(like ball gowns and biking clothes) and I made a guide to my favorite places in Paris.


LANDET OG STRANDEN When coming home I went to visit my in laws in the country and I had fun at the beach(more photos will come tomorrow).


læsogcommiz I also spent my summer reading fashion magazines, writing in my blog note-book and resetting my computer that crashed after Paris and which I had to pay to get fixed and start from scratch.


Lvin og svøm My evenings were spent with wine and friends(yes, I might be a bit drunk on that left photo) and my days were spent swimming in a lake. 


hårogsmil I came up with fun ways to use paper clips(this one’s from Søstrene Grene) and I wore my hair in a cute ‘do. 


negleogtrendsales I painted my nails like watermelons(a guide will soon be on the blog!) and I wore kimonos – check out the outfit on my Trendsales blog HERE and find more gorgeous kimonos HERE!


Hvad har I lavet denne sommer?