the story of my tattoo

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Time to tell you guys a very personal story – the story of my fairly new triangular tattoo on my arm.

I’ve always wanted a tat. When I was a kid, it should be a dolphin on my ankle(really?) and as a teenager I was all in for a pinup girl on my upper arm. But it was first a couple of years ago I started to get serious about getting a tattoo and figurine out what it should be.

First I wanted an arrow, to symbolize constant movement – but then came a time, when I didn’t feel like moving anywhere and the thought of the triangle arose. A shape that could be an arrow pointing in any direction, but also a stable shape, which is really strong. And a super unstable shape, if you put it on the point. Quite versatile and it could mean anything, depending on where you are in your life.

But from the thought of getting a tattoo to the actual action, some time went by and last fall, I had to do it. After having had a six month long personal crisis after a terrible breakup in January, losing myself completely and never thinking I’d ever be happy again, everything changed. In the fall, when moving to Copenhagen, the thing I had spent 6 months thinking was impossible happened: I was happy. Happy about being me, happy about being single and happy about being where I was and who I was. And the thought of getting such a strong belief in myself after such a terrible period of time, my confidence and belief that I didn’t need anyone else but myself to feel complete had me thinking. I had to mark this turn.

I once spoke with a friend about that if you should get a friend tattoo, you should get one with yourself. And in the fall, I was more ready than ever to get that, finally after having become my own best friend. And if any difficult situation arises, if I feel lonely, or if I lose myself, I will have that little triangle to remind me, that I’m there for myself and that I am enough.


Do you have tattoos? And what do they mean?








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  1. leia Avatar

    oh marie, i love that story!! thanks so much for sharing!
    i have a triangle, too, way smaller than yours though. its on the little bone on the outside of my left wrist. for me it is a symbol for the most important thing in my life: my two brothers. i got it when i moved out to live abroad for the first time. because no matter how far, the three dots will always be connected, just like my brothers and i. every dot is connected to both of the others and thats what makes them a whole. my tattoo will always remind me of that. love, leia

    1. Marie My Avatar

      That sounds like a great tattoo, Leia! It’s always great having these little reminders of good things in our lives 😀