things you didn’t know

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Okay, my blog isn’t really over flooding with personal posts, since I’m doing quite a straight up only fashion blog compared to most other Danish fashion blogs.. But I’ve decided to try and go for a classic thing in the blogging world: a “things you didn’t know about me”-post – oooh! Are you ready? Here we go! 


One thing that can really make me laugh is words – funny words or quirky sentences can be so much fun. In 10th grade I was 100% sure that I was going to become an actress. In 5-6th grade, I wore crazy make-up and wild eyeshadow everyday  – now I don’t even own one eyeshadow. I never get hangovers, no matter what I drink. I love organizing stuff and I often do it as procrastination. My spine is crooked. I think grammar, words and language are some of the greatest things ever and I easily judge people on their use of language and grammar(and still, I have so many typos in my facebook-updates – embarrassing!). I’m crazy about yoga and I’m quite bendy and I have hyper mobile joints in my hips. I relax the most when I’m flying – taking off really chills me out! I love bad tv – reality is one of my greatest guilty pleasures. I loooove bread with butter.. not so fashion, huh?