Time for change

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Right now, I’m sitting in a big, empty room with just a handful of furniture items, some paint and a suitcase with clothes for the next 45 days. Yep, it’s time – again – for me to move. A couple of months ago, I made the decision that I couldn’t stay in Aalborg anymore, if I really wanted to go somewhere with my blog and a career, that doesn’t include selling glass vases, in stead of being stuck in an every day life that was safe, but didn’t exactly help to push me any further. So tomorrow I’m going.

Tomorrow I’ll be grabbing a bunch of my things and moving into a room in Copenhagen, which I’ll stay in until mid Sep, whereafter I hope to have found a nice place to live, and a permanent base. In Copenhagen. Bye bye, safe Jutland.


To have a place to start my new life as a Copenhagener, I will – quite unexpectedly, by myself, too – actually start an education. A new life, pow, just like that – I’ll be studying Art History, which I’m looking quite a bit forward to. Just think, Marie, a student again. I’ll have to get used to that thought. What’ll happen to me besides that, when I’m becoming permanent inventory in the capital, we’ll have to wait and see, but I can’t imagine anything negative, besides missing my parent and Aalborg a bit – I sure will.


So right now, it’s all about moving, next week it’s fashion week, and then my actual Copenhagen life starts. My only worry is the fact that I have to find a flat share or collective to live in before Sep 15th, but I’m sure it’ll work out! 


Adventure awaits!