Travel Marie’s Packing tips 2: the long trips

Right now, I’m in Copenhagen, and I’ll be staying here for a couple of weeks before I go back home to Aalborg after fashion week. For this trip, I’ve tried to do an other way of packing my stuff, in stead of packing outfits, I’ve packed a mini version of my wardrobe with everything I’ll need for an dressing for fashion week and every day looks.

Let’s have a look at what’s inside the suitcase:


BASICSpacking -1

Basic items are the base of an easy to style-wardrobe. Stuff like jeans, white skirts, white trousers, roll necks and simple knits go with pretty much anything and can make the base for tons of outfits.


THE FUN STUFFpacking -4

When the basics are packed, it’s time for the more fun items. Prints, colors, fun knits and striped skirts go with all of your basics and make everything a bit more fun.


ACCESORIESpacking -3


When having a limited wardrobe compaed to what you’re used to, a good handful of accessories can give your outfits a bit more excitement. Nice bags, hair bands, scarfs, socks and jewellery will help you elevate any outfit!


ALL IN ONE-ITEMSpacking -2

Why not make everything easy for yourself? On days when you don’t feel like putting together a crazy getup, dresses or long sweaters and a pair of nylons make the easiest outfit ever!


COATSpacking -5

I can’t just do with one coat. when it’s cold, you coat is a prominent part of you look and I can’t stick to one look all winter.. So I brought three coats – talk about being able to change your look up a bit!


SHOESpacking -1-2

Like the accessories, shoes can really elevate your look. I packed five pairs, which all have their own looks, that can go with pretty much any outfit I’ll make with the clothes I packed.


How do you pack for long trips?