how to use your inspiration: Pernille Teisbæk

prikNow that I’ve been around two extremes in this inspirational series of posts – crazy Susie Bubble and minimalist Ivania Carpio – I’m trying out something new. You might not think it, but someone who also inspires me despite our clear style and aesthetic differences, is the Danish it girl, Pernille Teisbæk. It does’t show clearly in my style – maybe because I haven’t figured out how to use the inspiration yet, but I am inspired!

That casual and Scandinavian style that has some interesting details, intrigues me. So now I’m trying to dissect the style of the gorgeous miss Teisbæk and figure out what I can use in my style.

1. What do I admire about Pernille? 
Her ability to style super simple outfits with items that are casual, loose fitting and oversize without looking sloppy. She can really put together an outfit that looks both comfy and sophisticated.

2. Three things I want to use in my style, inspired by Pernille:
– Being able to style a feminine outfit solely consisting of loose fitting items, without looking sloppy.
– Using oversize items without looking like a big bubble.
– Her way of using comfy pants in outfits that look thought through and sophisticated.

3. How does Pernille do it? And how will I use it in my style?



loose looseeHow does Pernille do it? When Pernille wears her loose fitting outfits, she usually gives then a touch of femininity which brings a sophistication to the outfit as well. as an example, she wear sweaters with deep V necklines, buttoned down shirts, interesting shoes or a belt in the waist.

How will I do it? I’ll try styling multiple loose fitting items and use the idea of showing some more skin, like a buttoned down shirt or a bare midriff, to give the outfit s feminine touch.

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oversize oversieze1How does Pernille do it? Pernille uses one oversize item and adds simple accessories and other simple items, to keep focus on that oversize piece. Usually when the tops are oversized, they don’t go further than to the thigh and the bare legs act as a nice contrast to the oversized fit.

How will I do it? I want to use Pernille’s idea about focusing on that one oversize item and stilt it in a simple way. I also love the idea of wearing an oversized top and showing off the legs.
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pantse pantsHow does Pernille do it? Pernille styles her trousers with few, but well chosen items. A crop top with a pair of loose trousers or an edgy leather jacket with soft trousers.

How will I do it? I want to try styling my pants in a simple way with few items like Pernille does. A tight blouse with a pair of mens trousers or style contrasts, like an edgy top with ethereal trousers.

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