What do YOU want?

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If I was a bit more naked, smoked cigarettes and had a 70’s looking home, these photo are pretty much my Sunday. I’m spending it in my sofa, only doing things I want to do. I’m also dedicating some of my Sunday to the blog – brainstorming posts and prepping as many as possible.

After the holidays, where there’s been much more pause-days than usual on the blog, because of a bit more dedication to my family, love and friends, I’ve slowed down on producing blog posts after blog posts like a blogging robot. Talk about getting back after the vacation, right?

It has occurred to me that you can’t do everything on your own, an at the moment, the ideas aren’t piling up in my mind. So, dear readers, if you have any ideas for posts, think some previous posts were amazing and want them to come back, let me know! Then I’ll get back to filling up my editorial calendar with good and exciting blog posts and have it come back to normal.