Me, myself and my wardrobe: Mette


As the second part of the “me, myself and my wardrobe”-series, I have gotten a hold of someone, who’s been quite an inspiration to me all my life – my older sister, Mette! I takes to her about her style, how she feels that she stands out and what clothes mean to her. Have a look at her style and the interview here:


Marie: All right, we’ll start with some basic info, tell me a bit about yourself:

Mette: My name is Mette, I’m 25 years old and I study IT management. I work in a glass shop and I live in Aalborg.

mette jeg mig og min garderobe nemesis babe blog marie jensen-3Marie: What does clothes mean to you?

Mette: What an open question!

Marie: I know, we’ll get a little more specific later on.

Mette: All right. some days clothes mean a lot and some days not so much. It’s actually quite a difficult question! I think that the cliché answer here would be that it’s a form of expression. To me, it’s more a way of having fun, wearing different things and try new stuff. It’s a harmless way to change your persona from day to day, without having it stick to you – in the evening, you take it off and the next day you can try a new persona and challenge yourself a bit.

Marie: So what’s your earliest memory about clothes?

Mette: That’s a good question..

Marie: I think mine was those strawberry trousers, remember those? The cropped pants with strawberry print. Don’t you have a memory like that?

Mette: Hm, I think mine was when the catalogues from Color Kids came, they were so cool and we got to choose which clothes we wanted. Otherwise, I think it’s the bathing suit I got from my grandma’s sister in the US. It was black and had colorful fruits and flowers on it.


mette jeg mig og min garderobe nemesis babe blog marie jensen-4Marie: It was a nice bathing suit! What’s your best memory about clothes, then?

Mette: Let me think..

Marie: Yeah, it’s quite a hard question.

Mette: I’m just going through my wardrobe in my head. Hm, I don’t really know about specific clothing memories – mien are more with jewelry.

Marie: Then tell me about that!

Mette: It’s the necklace I inherited from my grandma. The golden locket. I always wear it for important things like exams or if I’m going on a long trip, because then I feel like she’s there. It’s rather that necklace than clothes. I switch out my clothes quite often, so I don’t really have any direct memories connected to them.


mette jeg mig og min garderobe nemesis babe blog marie jensen-5Marie: Where do you get style inspiration? And do you have a style icon?

Mette: I don’t think I have a style icon. I don’t know who it would be, since I change my style quite a lot. Usually it’s things you tell me. I don’t really look up a lot of stuff about fashion online, so I put my style together from the things I have at home and get inspired by what you tell me, when you come home from fashion weeks.

Marie: All right. So do you stand out from the people you surround yourself with, style wise?

Mette: I think I do. When I pick out my outfits, I never just put on a blouse and a pair of pants – undress it’s a conscious decision. And wearing all black and grey isn’t really me either, I think it’s a bit boring. I always think my outfit completely through – shoes, jewelry, make-up even. And then I just think my clothes are different from what other people have. I don’t like to wear shirts without prints and I feel weird around jeans, since they’re so basic. Then I’d rather wear a fun, big skirt.


mette jeg mig og min garderobe nemesis babe blog marie jensen-1Marie: Do you consciously choose to stand out?

Mette: I think so. Usually, I think it’s because I just have a bit more different clothes than other people. but some times I also choose to take it all a bit further, which I’m very conscious about.

Marie: And is there an item that you’re dreaming of these days?

Mette: Right now I’m dreaming of.. What am I dreaming of? I don’t think theres 100% one piece of clothing that I dream of, since I’m not missing anything at the moment. But I always dreamt of owning a huge ball gown with sequins all over.


mette jeg mig og min garderobe nemesis babe blog marie jensen-2Marie: Do you have any favorite items in your wardrobe?

Mette: Right now, it must be my kimonos that I bought in Japan. I need to figure out how to style them. I’m a bit scared to, since they’re made of pure silk, and I don’t want to ruin them. And then my big, white Wood Wood shirt dress, which I don’t use a lot, since I’m too afraid of getting stains on it. It’s quite a shame, since it’s one of my favorite items!