Fashion Month Trend Report #2

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One of the popular things to been seen on the streets of London, Mialn and Paris was fringes. The 70’s tendency and the western trend that we’ll be seeing a lot of in the spring, has already started to show on the streets via the fringe trend – a joy for the street style-photographers, because, wow, fringes look good on photos. Use the fringes on a party dress or add a western twist to your bag of jacket with a bit of fringe – or give your outfit a fringy lift with a fringe belt!



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It’s incredibly obvious, after having been at fashion month, that neutrals like nude, beige and camel colors will get big. The lovely, light brown color scale can’t but look luxurious and laid back at the same time. On the street I saw it on everything from woolen coats and soft knits, to feminine dresses and streety sets.. Yum! It looked great and I’m almost starting to consider adding earth tones to my wardrobe(wow!) after having seen them on the streets. Use these colors with white or royal blue and you’ll be on the right track.



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Even though it wasn’t that cold in Milan nor in Paris, a trend for cooler weather that we all will be joyous about this season, showed – cuddling up in warm blankets! Yep, the blanket scarf will be big this fall and winter season – both in fashion and functionality and I won’t keep from joining this trend.. I mean, it does look nice with such a nice, patterned and wooly blanket around your shoulders. And now we Scandis can keep warm in a quite fashionable way! I’m going blanket hunting!




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As an addition to the nude- and camel-colors, the earth tones take on one more tendency – the army colors! The army green color has shown a lot on the streets and connotations to the army and safari look seems to ge going forward this season. Use the army green color with fur and other fall colors or give it a fresh look with light jeans or a white shirt.