1, 2, 3, 4 years of NEMESIS, BABE


How time flies, when you’re having fun! Yep, friends, today(or Sunday actually, but thats the day for “Ways to Wear“) my baby has it’s four year anniversary. My blog that started as a way to escape boredom and then turned out to be an outlet for my passion, my little baby that has developed into a business that I’ll try my best to make a living from.

Just think how a random idea can end up going so far, bringing so many experiences, presents, an award and not at least good critique and compliments from you guys – thanks a million! I’m so impressed with what I’ve made of this blog, the jobs I’ve gotten, new friends and innumerable fashion week travels and I really for and work for NEMESIS, BABE to continue to grow and get better.

This four year anniversary will bring you guys a lot more than just a post with a lot of portraits of me. Because the blog wouldn’t be what it is without you guys.
Next month I’ll present to you some goodies! And then you’ll just have to keep updated on what happens on the blog(I can say as much as some of my fave NEMESIS, BABE-collaboration partners have thrown some things in the bag for you)!


But before posting lots of goodies for you, I decided to do this post to hear what you think about everything.

How do you like the blog? Why? What do you think of the photos? Of my texts? Of the development of the blog over the years? How long have you been following NEMESIS, BABE? And what made you stick with it – or the opposite? And which portrait of the ones above is your fave?

I look forward to hearing your reviews of my blog, so that I can keep making NEMESIS, BABE even better!