7 ideas to pass those hours until Christmas

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Christmas eve is so close, but still it seems so far away! So I’ve made this post with things to help time pass until the big night!

Right HERE you can fine a bunch of stylish movies to pass those hours! 

At Emily’s you’ll find cozy gift inspo HERE!

You can practise the perfect Christmas eve casual curly hairdo with a video guide at Christina’s HERE!

For some creative, digital inspiration, go through pinterest and have fun making well curated pinboards on pinterest – HERE’s mine!



Get inspired to make super cute star shaped present wrapping HERE!

Christmas is a time of giving! Want to both help one of my fave Danish designers, Nicholas Nybro, and get a gift of you own? Then go fund his next fashion show on Kickstarter HERE and get yourself a present – from a cool t-shirt to a ticket to his show, it’s all good! This is also a cool idea for a gift for your fashion interested friend or sister!


Are you in for some DIY? Then go create some cute DIY presents with inspiration from the Glitter Guide HERE!