time for a new tat

  As you might’ve spotted on my instaStory last night, I was sketching ideas for a new tattoo. Finally I’ve found a tattoo artist in Copenhagen, who has the style I’ve been looking for! atm. we’re sending each other drawings all inspired by the pictures above, which I showed her some weeks ago. The style… Læs mere time for a new tat

interior inspo galore

 all photos in this post are found on pinterest Even though my room is pretty nice already, I spend soon much time finding interior inspiration on pinterest and dreaming of ways i could decorate my room even better. I put together some of my fave interior photos that I found on pinterest for a little… Læs mere interior inspo galore

8 insta profiles you should follow

photocredit: @thestylethesaurus, @lines_under, @thedogist Recently I upped my insta-following-game. I’ve gotten really good at sorting away the things that make me feel just the tiniest bit bad and I’m filling my feed with cute animals, great fashion inspo and nice art in stead. So I thought that I would do a little recommendation of the… Læs mere 8 insta profiles you should follow

CREATIVE MINDS #2: Line Rossau Jewellery

This post is only available in Danish. Want it translated?    Hvem er du?  Line Rossau, 26 år, København. Jeg arbejder i mit firma Line Rossau Jewellery.   Hvordan begyndte du med at arbejde kreativt? Jeg har altid tænkt og været meget kreativ. Og det med at lave smykker det passede mig bare utroligt godt, for jeg er ikke… Læs mere CREATIVE MINDS #2: Line Rossau Jewellery