18 shoes and boots that I’m dreaming of

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Recently I’ve been dreaming of a pair of pink sneakers, after I borrowed a pair from my sister, which looked a bit like these*. So I decided to do a research for a post about pink sneaks, but then I stumbled upon all of these amazing other shoes and boots, so I kind of have to put them into the post, too. Like these crazy bad boys* or this pair of pretties*. 

Which pair is your fave? 


nemesis babe sko og støvler collage1: HERE,* 2: HERE,* 3: HERE,* 4: HERE*, 5: HERE,* 6: HERE,* 7: HERE,* 8: HERE*, 9: HERE*, 10: HERE,* 11: HERE,* 12: HERE,* 13: HERE*, 14: HERE*, 15: HERE*