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  • dreams from my ASOS Saved folder

    dreams from my ASOS Saved folder

    SLIPPERS* –  KIMONO* – DRESS* Recently I got a giftcard to Asos at their press day, so I’ve been spending tons of time on Asos to find the perfect few items, I’m gonna order. I’m only going to order a few items, but so that my huge amount of research would be for nothing, I […]

  • the internet birthday wish list

    the internet birthday wish list

     1: URBAN OUTFITTERS*, 2: NIVIDAS*, 3: ELLOS*, 4: FLATTERED*, 5: MONKI*, 6: URBAN OUTFITTERS*, 7: URBAN OUTFITTERS*, 8: URBAN OUTFITTERS*, 9: ELLOS*, 10: MUUTO*, 11: FILIPPA K*, 12: FLATTERED*, 13: MONKI*, 14: MONKI*, 15: SAINT TROPEZ*, 16: MONKI*, 17: VAGABOND* After a short stress-break from the blog I’m back! I’m spending all my time on […]

  • 9 spring dresses I’d wear right now

    9 spring dresses I’d wear right now

     1: ARKET, 2: STINE GOYA*, 3: GINA TRICOT*, 4: & OTHER STORIES*, 5: & OTHER STORIES*, 6: ARKET, 7: GINA TRICOT*, 8: STINE GOYA*, 9: ELLOS* I am so ready for spring. Like 120% ready for the trees to turn green and the temperatures to go higher and for me to wear dresses with no […]

  • 9 organic, basic outfits

    9 organic, basic outfits

    ORANGE TOP: WEEKDAY,*, CHECKERED JUMPSUIT: MONKI*, YELLOW JUMPER: GINA TRICOT*, WHITE JEANS: WEEKDAY*, STRIPE JUMPER: GINA TRICOT*, RED JEANS: WEEKDAY* Recently I bought a pair of new jeans, that I’ve been on the hunt for for two years now – the Weekday Ace jeans* with the wide legs. Usually I don’t shop and especially not […]

  • mixing and matching 7 dream outfits

    mixing and matching 7 dream outfits

    YELLOW KNIT: GINA TRICOT*, ORANGE CORD JEANS: MONKI* ON ME: KNIT: borrowed from GINA TRICOT*, TROUSERS: BAUM UND PFERDGARTEN(old), SCARF: SAMSØE & SAMSØE After my latest super catchy outfit post, I got an idea to do lots of fun outfits that aren’t 100% match, but more mixing and matching. Putting things together with almost the same […]