2 easy hairstyles for fall

nemesis babe frisure hairdo fall updo
nemesis babe frisure hairdo fall updo

nemesis babe frisure hairdo fall updo efterår frisurer

Fall and it’s quick goodbye to light and warmth always surprises me. And with colder times comes challenges in both clothes and hair. You need to dress warmer and then, when putting on that scarf, the hair messes up. That messy hair under the scarf and then when the fall wind blows the air everywhere the rest of the hair gets in your face constantly. So heres a couple of tips on how to do two simple and cute hair styles that get the hair out of your face, your scarf and the wind – ready for fall!

Have a look:


fall-hairdos-4collage-nemesis-babe-marie-my-11 efterår frisurer


You need: 2 hair elastics, 1small silk scarf

A great way to get up your hair and spice up your look is doing the scarf bun. Turn your head downwards and put your hair in a high ponytail. Twist your hair about the base of the ponytail and fasten with an elastic band.

Roll the scarf and into a rectangle and roll it around the bottom of the bun as many times as possible. Tie the two ends together and push the remaining ends underneath the scarf bun.

If you hair isn’t very thick, this is a way to make it seem bigger, since the scarf adds volume to your bun.
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fall-hairdos-4collage-nemesis-babe-marie-my222-efteråret frisurer


You need: 2 hair elastics, 1 hairbrush

If you’re up for some more fun and getting your hair out of your face, this is a great way to do it – and it takes much less time that you’d think!

Part your hair in the middle and make a pigtail from the one side with an elastic band, to keep it out of the way. Turn your head downwards and brush the hair on the loose side to the top of your head. Take the loose hair and twist it around till it forms a mini bun on your head. You can control where the bun will sit on your head when you twist it. Fasten with an elastic band around the bun.

Loosen the hair on the other side and repeat what you did with the first bun. Making the buns symmetric is hard, but practice makes perfect! 



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Which hairdo is your fall fave?