Me, myself and my wardrobe: Andreea Bogdan


One of my friends that you’ve heard quite a lot about on the blog is Andreea. We met during Paris fashion week some years ago, started talking about vintage clothing and then we never stopped. You might remember that I also went to visit her for some weeks during summer in her Cluj(cityguide here) home in Romania?

Andreea’s wardrobe might be the one in the world that I envy the most and her ability to find amazing vintage is over the moon. So now I got a hold of her for a little show and tell about her and her wardrobe!




Name, profession, age?
Andreea Bogdan, photographer, 29



What is your relationship with clothes? Why do you like them? 
I think what I really love about my clothes is the process of finding them. Walking around vintage shops, second hand shops or flea markets is my favourite activity. It’s almost like a therapeutical endeavour. It’s a bit bizarre really. I can’t quite put my finger on the ‘why’ but If I am stressed, my go to thing is this kind of wandering.

I would walk around for hours, uncovering some tucked away places, and in a way it’s a mean of leaving my mind to wander as well. I don’t always find stuff, and I guess it’s not even about that really (don’t get me wrong, I love the finding as well) but I never have a certain thing that I must find. There’s no pressure. It’s an act of looking and unwinding, and of course at times of excitement because when it comes to vintage, finding a piece that you love is a unique experience. You would rarely find that same thing ever again. But the act of looking is what I love the most.



What do clothes “do for you” in your daily life? 
At times they put a smile on my face, other times they allow me to make a compliment and spark a conversation with someone I’ve never met before, other times they make me feel good about myself, or they allow me to hide away, and to a certain extent, I guess my clothes give a little hint about who I am.



What was your first experience with clothes that you remember? When did you know that clothes were important to you?
I remember having this dusty pink t-shirt and skirt set when I was about 3 or 4 years old. I can’t remember where my mum got it from, but I loved it so much! I wasn’t aloud to wear it whenever I wanted though, because it was for ‘special occasions’ (even though it was this sort of sweatshirt fabric). I wore it for ages, up until de shirt was too much of a short crop and the skirt came up too high, but it was my Lambada outfit. Do you remember that dance?  Look if up if not! I used to prance around the room, dancing Lambada in my pink outfit. I wouldn’t say that I realised then that clothes were important for me, but I liked how certain clothes could be associated with a particular mood.



Which pieces of clothing has meant a lot to you and why?
Well, pink lambada number of course:) And for sentimental value, I love some of the pieces of clothes that my mum passed on to me (she’s a vintage fan as well).



What’s your fave clothing item right now and why? 
Tricky one. I guess it would have to be the one I wear the most, right? And lately I’ve been pretty much living in this dusty pink (a bit of a theme, eh?) vintage italian trench coat. It reminds me of a factory workers coat that many women used to wear in the communist era in Romania. I am pretty sure theirs wasn’t dusty pink though.



Which clothes make you feel the best when you’re wearing them? 
High waisted short skirt with a silk shirt tucked in. My summer uniform. And I guess I can take it into autumn if I add some tights and a turtle neck:) But that is the answer right now. I always go through phases.


How do you like Andreea’s wardrobe and love of vintage?