3 inspiring blogs I follow

You guys often asks me about which blogs I read. The truth is, I don’t really read a lot of blogs religiously, but I have gathered a little bouquet of the ones that inspire me ad which I also think will inspire you guys.

It’s pretty obvious, I think, that I value good photography when it comes to my own blog, and that surely also goes for the blogs I follow. This post features three different fashion blogs with great photo quality but different styles – one high fashion blog, one relatable fashion blog and one niche blog. Let’s have a look!



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The blog Gary Pepper, run by Australian fashion business woman Nicole Warne is one I first discovered after having spotted Nicole at numerous fashion weeks and wanting to know who she was and what she did. Her blog is extremely throughout through, beautiful and has the most gorgeous photos that I’ve seen in the blogosphere – which justifies her winning Best Photography in the Bloglovin’ blog awards. Nicole has worked with loads of high fashion brands like Louis Vuitton, Dolce & Gabbana and Marc Jacobs, which has also lead to some great photo series on her blog, like the last two photos that are from collabs with Dolce & Gabbana and Lancôme.

Visit Nicole’s blog here! 




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You’ve met Sarah from Frambiose Fashion here on the blog before – she’s one of my good blogger friends and then she’s amazing at blogging. Sarah, who’s originally from Copenhagen, has been living in London these past couple of years, which has also given her blog a great boost of great photos, posts and even more quality that was to be found on her blog before. She styles great outfits with high street items, is super relatable and nice and then she posts such pretty photos – both in outfit posts and beauty posts.

Visit Sarah’s blog here! 



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Plaaastic!, run by GG, has the craziest visual style. 18 year old GG, who lives in Singapore, has a super exciting 90’s spicy style, like a lot of underground teens experiment with these years, and she does it to perfection – and with a realness that makes you want more. I mainly follow her for her interesting photo style – unpretentious and extremely creative, which inspires me quite a bit, as to photos I want to shoot.

Visit GG’s blog here!


Which blogs do you follow?