3 ways to wear: silk scarves

I’ve become obsessed about silk scarves in all shapes and sizes – in the hair and as accessories to spice up my outfit. So why not give you some inspiration on how to wear the hottest accessory at the moment? Let’s have a look!


ON YOUR BAG3 ways to wear nemesis babe marie my -1 scarf 1SCARF: HERE, BAG: HERE

I your outfit is simple and difficult to give some color or fun – like a simple coat – a scarf on your bag might be what you need. Tie your scarf on a simple bag and, if possible, make sure to color coordinate with the rest of your look. Are you wearing neutrals like I did in this photo, all color choices are open!


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AS A BELT3 ways to wear nemesis babe marie my -2 scarf 3SCARF: HERE, JEANS: HERE

An other way to spice up simple looks, which also can give a cool twist to your jeans is using the scarf as a belt. Find a scarf thats big enough to go around your waist, roll it and tie it as a belt. If your scarf is big enough, you can tie a nice knot or bow in the from to feminize your simple look even more.

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ON YOUR NECK 3 ways to wear nemesis babe marie my -1-4 scarf 2 SHIRT: HERE, SCARF: HERE

Now, this is one of my faves. When I wear outfits that could use a little something, I always put a scarf around my neck. Wear the scarf with a deep V-neck for a sophisticated look. Flip to opposite corners inward on the scarf, roll it and tie it around your neck once or twice depending on what you like. I like timing it around my neck twice and leaving the knot in the back for a simple look.


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