a braid for the non-braiders

Recently I found some inspiration online to do a cute hairdo, an elastic filled wannabe-braid. I’m gonna share it with you 1: because it’s so easy to do, 2: because it’s cool and 3: because for those of you who don’t braid, here’s a “braid” for you!

You’ll need: a handfuld of tiny elastic bands and a comb.

How: Use your comb to separate the top third of your hair from the rest. comb it backwards and make a small ponytail out of it. Take the next third of your hair and to the same, including the previous ponytail into this one. Take the last hair and do a ponytail with this and the above ponytail. Then continue putting elastic bands down the ponytail with somewhat even intervals.

BOOM! A cool Saturday-do for you!