A day of sustainability


Tomorrow, Saturday, will be a day of sustainable fashion – at least for me, and if you’re in Copenhagen, you can join in, too! The second hand shopping app, Tradono, are having a Second Hand Bazaar at the Dome of visions and I’m lucky enough to have a stall. Here I’ll be selling loads of great stuff from my wardrobe, that I don’t really use anymore. There’s so much, and I really hope that someone else can make a use of it, instead of it collection dust at my place.

Besides the Bazaar, there’ll also be a Second Hand Fashion Show later in the day, where 20 design talents will show looks made entirely from recycled materials or sustainably produces materials. The designer with the best look will win, and joined by Christian Stadil, Emil Thorup, Eva Kruse and Line Hindsgaul, I’ll be one of the judges. I’m quite excited as to what we’ll see on the runway and hey – that there’s an entire day dedicated to sustainable fashion!



Will I see you there?