forgotten clothes challenge

My wardrobe has grown so big that many of my good old clothes have been completely forgotten. And even though my wardrobe is so big, I often end up just wearing the same 10-20 items which is quite a small percentage in my case and leave the hundreds of other items on their hangers untouched… Læs mere forgotten clothes challenge

wardrobe faves

  After having a couple of you ask for a post on my wardrobe favorites, you really had me thinking. During the last couple of years, my wardrobe has grown a lot and I have little stories that go with each and every single piece on my clothing racks. I tend to remember days and… Læs mere wardrobe faves

wardrobe tour

It’s time for the great tour de Marie’s wardrobe! Where I’m staying at the moment, I have an enormous room and an enormous wardrobe with a walk in closet, which is on the photos above.. oh yes!Right now, I only have this room until the end of Feb, so I’ll have to enjoy every square… Læs mere wardrobe tour

A day of sustainability

Tomorrow, Saturday, will be a day of sustainable fashion – at least for me, and if you’re in Copenhagen, you can join in, too! The second hand shopping app, Tradono, are having a Second Hand Bazaar at the Dome of visions and I’m lucky enough to have a stall. Here I’ll be selling loads of great stuff… Læs mere A day of sustainability