How to arrange your wardrobe

/ Something I’m quite aware of, when having such a big wardrobe, is how I arrange and set up my clothes, so I remember to use as much as possible and so that I have everything organized. I think it worked out quite well for me, when I moved, so I think that’s a good reason to give you a taste of and some tips for arranging the wardrobe in the best way possible, according to me – here you go!

/ Arrange in categories!
Even though it’s gorgeous having your clothes arranged in colors, which I did before(see it HERE), it just makes more sense, arranging it in categories. I divided mine into one rack with tops, one with dresses, jumpsuits and long cards and jackets and one with bottoms. It’s much much easier to get dressed when your clothes hangs in categories – and it you have it in a closet, just make one shed for each category!

/ The clothes, you won’t forget that you have.
The reason that most of my wardrobe is hanging in my room, is so that I can see it all the time and so that I won’t forget to wear any of it. There are a couple of things, though, that I know that I won’t forget, and those things, I keep in my closet, so everything I have isn’t on show constantly: my sweaters, my party-shoes, my bags and my blacks, neutrals and basics.

/ What you might forget to use.
I also have stuff, that I don’t always remember to use when I get dressed. Those things need to be kept present in my mind, so I’ve put my nice shoes and my hats on show in my room, so that I’ll remember that they exits, when deciding what to wear.

/ Outerwear
I have had my outerwear and everyday flat shoes mixed with the rest of my wardrobe before – you can do that, but I think it makes a bit more sense keeping outerwear separate from your wardrobe. It can get quite annoying having to flip though your dresses and polka dotted skirts to find your jacket. So right by my door, I keep my coats and big jackets and my every day flats in some IKEA shoe-boxes.