Som jeg skrev i går, får I i dag et udvalg af de steder, jeg har sat mig for at besøge i Berlin. Områderne min søster og jeg sandsynligvis vil bruge mest tid i og omkring er Spandauer og Mitte. Hvis du kunne tænke dig vores områdeguide til Berlin, kan du maile mig på
As I wrote yesterday, today you’ll get a sneak peak of the places that I want to visit when in Berlin. The areas my sister and I probably will be spending the most time in and around are Spandauer and Mitte. If you’ like our area guide to Berlin, you welcome to write me at

 BOOKSTORE: Pro Qm, a great bookshop with fashion-, culture and streetstyle books. Allenstadtstrasse 48-50, Berlin Spandauer

 SECONDHAND AND VINTAGE SHOPPING: Made in Berlin (top left), has happy hours once a week with upto a 30% discount on the clothes. Friedrichstrasse 114A, Berlin Mitte and Neue Schönhauserstrasse 19, Berlin Spandauer. Garage (bottom left), has happy hours once a week and sells clothes by the kilo. Ahornstrasse 2, Berlin Schöneberg. Humana (right), quality thrift clothes and has shops 13 different places in the city, such as the and Frankfurter Tor 3, Berlin Friedrichshain, that has 4 storeys.
 ART AND CULTURE: Neurotitan (left), a place with underground- and street-art and electronic music. Haus Schwarzenberg, Rosenthaler Strasse 39, Berlin Spandauer. Kunsthaus Tacheles (top right), a destroyed old DDR house with galeries of different new artists. Oranienburgerstrasse 54-56, Berlin Spandauer. Holocaust Denkmal (bottom right), a memorial for all the dead jews in WW2. Cora-Berliner-Strasse, Berlin Potsdamer-Platz.
?SHOPPING FOR LABELS: Wood Wood (left), store by the Danish brand Wood Wood, but it also holds brands suchas Commes Des Garcons. Rochstrasse 4, Berlin Spandauer. Acne (right), a store selling clothes by the Swedish brand Acne. Müntzstrasse 23, Berlin Spandauer.

Photo sources: anywho, love-aesthetics and various blogs and sites via google.