big news

Ok, it’s so close now. Something big, new and exciting is happening at NEMESIS, BABE. These last couple of weeks, I’ve been working like crazy at my little sunny work spot at my table by the window and soon the fruits of my labour will be shown to everyone. Because, as you might have noticed, the blog looks a little different in the photo above. Moving my physical self into new surroundings in March wasn’t enough – the blog is moving, too! Me and my virtual playground will from now on both have our own places – away from my parents and the suburbs for my part, away from Bloggers Delight for the blog’s part: NEMESIS, BABE is going solo! I can’t wait to be completely free of any restraints, get a new design and spend all of my time working on making the blog bigger and better. This Thursday it’s going down. I’ll still keep my good, old url,, but it will look a bit different! I have so many new ideas for stuff I’ll be posting on the blog. Furthermore me, my web designer, Claire, and the illustrator, Julie Torpegaard, are working damn hard on perfecting the visual expression on the blog, before inviting all of you to see it. There might be a bit of down-time on Thursday while moving, but besides that.. You should be looking forward to it: I have such goodies in store for NEMESIS, BABE’s followers!