BIRTHDAY POST! 25 years and 25 things you didn’t know about me

Yaaaay, the most important day of the year is finally here, today I’m turning 25! I’m still as exited about birthdays as use to be and I’m celebrating with a personal post that I wouldn’t normally do on the blog. But it’s my birthday and I get to decide everthing and do whatever I want!

Do today, here’s a birthday-colored outfit and a list of 25 things you didn’t know about me.


Happy April 19th! 

  1. When I was a teenager, I was a huge fan og the German band Tokio Hotel. It had the lucky side effect of me being the best at German in class.
  2. I had an emo period as a teen, too. I wore black eyeliner and bought a Kurt Cobain tee with the writing “I hate myself and want to die” on the back. My parents must’ve been terrified!
  3. I love ancient Greece and Egypt and if I were to work in anything else than fashion, I’d be an archeologist.
  4. When I was a kid, I wanted to be a writer and had begun small books on my dad’s computer.
  5. My fave animals as a kid were snakes and sharks. I wished multiple times for a king cobra for my birthday, but I never got one.
  6. My absolute least favorite animal is the praying mantis. Oh. My. God. Why is it so disgusting? It looks like an evil and icky alien-version of a human in miniature size. YUCK! I honestly hate them.
  7. I love potato on rebreed with fried onions on top and I’ve eaten it almost every day for the past two months.
  8. The first three months of my 2017 my most played song on Spotify was Bossy by Kelis ft. Too Short.
  9. If I had to go to my music exam in high school, I should’ve played Bach’s Brandenburger Concerto 2, movement 2 on a semi-out of tune recorder. Sp happy that never happened!
  10. When I was 14 I started playing youth theater. Not because I wanted to be an actress, more just because I wanted to be famous and I’d stopped growing at 167cm, so I couldn’t be a model.
  11. I once taught theater at my continuation school, when a teacher got sick.
  12. The first name of the blog was Life Outside of Town, since I lived 10km outside of the nearest big city. How imaginative.
  13. During the time I’ve had the blog, I’ve had three boyfriends. I haven’t written a lot about them though, since I like to keep my private life to myself.
  14. When I look for cute guys, something I always check is if they have skinny legs. I have no idea why I find that the most attractive, but I don’t think I’ve ever had a boyfriend with bigger thighs than me.
  15. I started traveling to fashion weeks hoping that Anna Wintour would spot me a take me under her wings. It never happened, but I was on the Vogue US list of best dressed people in 2014.
  16. As a teenager I tried to be a bit rebellious and sometimes thought I was the black sheep of the family. Now I think I’m more of a pink sheep. Still a bit different, but in a nice way.
  17. I once was hypnotized for my shyness. I don’t know if it truly worked or if it was placebo, but it definitely has had a positive effect on my life.
  18. Sometimes I count my birthmarks. t the moment im on 35 on my left arm, 42 on my right arm, and 39 on both legs.
  19. I love tv. I almost never watch series, I’m more into reality and documentary tv!
  20. I keep a list of things I’ve heard strangers say on the street or on the bus. Classics on the list are:
    “What’s your name?” “Dan!” “So you spell it with a Z or what?”
    “We need to be able to look at each other’s balls and be okay with it.”
  21. I also keep a list of silly things people have written on their t-shirts. Here’s a few:
    Love your selfie 
    Too hot for heaven, too cool for hell 
    The roads of excess leads to the palace of wisdom
    Made for working
  22. When I was a kid I was super picky. I’m not so picky anymore, aside from when it comes to candy. I only like 5-6 types of candy.
  23. I’m never too full to eat fries, chips or bread with butter.
  24. I really wanna live on a house boat sometime.
  25. I’m really happy about turning 25. I feel so good at that age right now and I love it.