blogger privileges: borrowing clothes

baum og weekday udlånphotos from @nemesisbabe instagram

As you might’ve noticed here on the blog and on my Instagram, I was lucky to get to borrow a bunch of clothes from Baum ind Pferdgarten and a couple from Weekday with me on my fashion month trip in September.. And that’s exactly what this post is going to be about: the privilege I, as a blogger, got to borrow clothes that I wouldn’t afford to buy for myself and items I wouldn’t be sure if I could see myself in.

These days, I’m having new thoughts about my style and I’ve started wanting to experiment with things that I haven’t thought of or dared to before. As an example, the borrowing of the Baum ind Pferdgarten clothes allowed me to try out more boxy silhouettes with the gorgeous tops on the first and fourth photo. I have a bit of a hard time with outfits without definition of the waist, but with thee two tops, which I both styled with a white leather skirt made me want to try it out a bit more. The same went for the wide legged trousers from Weekday – see the outfit post here – which also helped me get into wearing more slouchy outfits.

Other stuff, I borrowed because I knew that they would fit into my wardrobe easily – and because I would like to bring some other items than what I usually bring to fashion month – after 25 fashion weeks, everyone’s pretty much seen it all. Take for example the white, structured skirt from Baum ind Pferdgarten, which I brought in stead of my white, pleated midi skirt, which everyone has seen at least once, right?

Something I also got to experience on this trip with the Baum ind Pferdgarten-clothes was wearing quality pieces. Great design, great quality and clothes that I felt great about wearing. I, with my wardrobe of which the majority is thrifted(which isn’t bad, let’s remember it!) had quite an epiphany when it comes to designer items. The feeling you get when you’re wearing it, makes you think that it might be worth spending more than 10 euros on a single item.


So let’s conclude:

– I might get into that boxy and slouchy silhouette thing, if I practice some more.. But I think I’d like it better in the summer, when I can show some skin and not get too boxy!

– Maybe it’s time to invest in some quality pieces, like a good, white midi-skirt(ehem, that one from Baum ind Pferdgarten)

– Note to self: remember to appreciate that blogger privilege of getting to borrow expensive clothes!