business time!

visitkort NEMESIS, BABE-1 visitkort NEMESIS, BABE-2

Ah, the time has come – the season has begun and I’m back at fashion week.

And when you’re out and about amongst lots of important people, it’s a damn good idea to give everybody your info. And I have intentions of doing just that, and to make it a bit easier, I got a new batch of business cards.

This time I went for both big and small ones, so that I can always carry some around no matter how much room there’s lest in my bag.. And oh, it’s just so nice to have new cards with photos from my latest favorite outfits and my new logo!

I usually buy my business cards at MOO, who make business cards in a wonderful quality in all sizes and shapes(almost) and who print the photos and the text on the card gorgeously – their cheapest version of the business cards is better quality than any card I’ve tried from other places! The production and shipping takes some time, so you should be early when ordering(which I never am), but fortunately you can buy express printing and shipping.

Do you have business cards? And which one of mine do you like the most?